Security experts urge hoteliers to prep for EU’s GDPR

As cyber-crime continues to expand at an exponential rate, hotels have to comply with new, aggressive regulations such as the EU GDPR to make sure the massive amounts of data they hold is properly protected.

The law coming into place on the 25th May 2018 forces organisations to properly keep track of and protect their data according to the wishes of their employees, clients and best practice guidelines.

It changes the rules about informing data subjects and obtaining consent, meaning businesses of all sizes must adapt and thrive as soon as possible.

In the Annual Hotels Conference, a nexus of data protection experts gathered, headlined by Moyn Uddin; a world-class Information Security professional affiliated with Cyber Major.

He in particular stressed the importance of seeing the upcoming EU GDPR as an opportunity rather than a burden. Hotels that pro-actively prepare to protect their data are in a stronger position legally, security-wise and in terms of business opportunity.

Hotels are particularly vulnerable as they hold top-tier levels of sensitive data but aren't as strongly regulated as other premium sectors such as finance and insurance.

This means both the likelihood and impact of data breaches are much higher in the hospitality industry than almost anywhere else.

Getting properly prepared is both a daunting yet exciting prospect that forward-thinking businesses should grasp with both hands, and Cyber Major's expertise in the industry is uniquely placed to get you there.

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