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Cyber Major is a world class, independent and cutting-edge cyber security consultancy. We specialise in conducting full end to end cyber risk assessments. We work with all manner of businesses, no matter the size and scope, to deliver leading cyber security and data privacy services that bring unique and vital benefits to your organisation.
Cyber Major have a superb, proven track record of delivering solutions that protect you and your organisation from everyone and everything that wants to harm and steal from it. Our elite team analyse and evaluate organisations thoroughly from both a technical perspective and in terms of compliance with data protection regulations. We then help put in place cutting edge protection techniques and services that both suit your organisation down to the ground and ensure an ongoing unmatched level of security and peace of mind.

State of the art cyber security services are now the keystone of modern corporate governance, no matter the size or scope of an organisation. Our long and varied list of prestigious clients can testify to that. Constant vigilance and top tier expertise is a guarantee because we know, more than anybody, that the clock is ticking on the next breach.

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