LuvTea Case Study

This project started from our clients university project and wanted to span out get their product on the shelves. We helped them do just that.

The challenge

At first the project was very lean, whilst the client was unsure about what they wanted to begin with, we did all we could to help them bring the project to light.

We started with looking at the objective of thier product, what was differetn about them and what they wanted to acheive. After multiple conferences, we started to come up with a mood board of logo designs around their brand name and furthered our dicussions.

This was just the beginning but after the client approved a logo design, it kick started the project.

Our Solution

We worked closly with the client to build the product brand the way they wanted it, advising them to the best of our ability to help guide them to a successful brand.

We looked at the purpose of differences this brand has, not to compare against other companies, but to bring out what was really different about the product and make it the first aspect to be thought of when the brand was recognised for what it sold.

The client was very happy for us to lead the way during the process, relying and trusting in our expertise.
Orion Case Study

The Outcome

The client was overwhelmed with the outcome of the project and is still wish us today when they need maintenance or advise.

This was one of our favourite projects, because of the timeline we created with the project, taking it from a few university sketches, to a full blown product currently making it's name.

The client had this to say about their experience...
"It was my dream to create a tea product that was trust worthy an had the ability to relate to the purchasers organic side. Software Major was a real help for me, it started as a small idea for a university project and they turned into something I could take forward and show the owrld." - LuvTea Group
Orion Case Study

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