Root Coaching Case Study

We were sought out by our client for advise and coaching on starting their own brand identity and getting their company known for the first time.

The challenge

It's always a challenge to start with a clean slate to create a brand that suits the clients outlook on their new company.

We started with only a few suggestions on how the logo should look and feel, and a small rounded paragrap on what their company was about.

With that, we started with the construction of the face of their brand. We started with a logo and a name for the company, bouncing suggestions betweenthe team and the client before moving on to the drawing board.

We offered a selection of logo ideas, created from small sketches to the finished thing, including colour's we felt to fit the company's atmosphere.

Our Solution

After the Brand name and face was selected, we moved on to creating the design for their website.

We worked with the lcient to create the content, drafting up areas we felt they would cover, based on what we researched and what the client has specified.

We filled the template we created using calm colours and a simple design that suited the clients needs.
Orion Case Study

The Outcome

Now that the client had everything she needed from us, we were happy to hear that she went on to push her company's brand to the world.

We made sure the website was responsive to their needs and made sure it was accessable for mobile due to the heavy amount of sites under this area are viewed on mobiles.

The site was pulled through a process of checks and security protocols that ensured the site was protected before it was made live.

Needless to say the client was happy with the outcome and had this to say...
"I approached Software Major because I had seen websites they had created; I liked their professionalism, styles and commitment and I needed some inspiration to take me forward. I was given support in finding and choosing a business name, logo and colour scheme; their suggestions were refreshingly different from what I had been considering. We worked together to produce the content and Software Major assisted me is areas
I found difficult to develop.

At no time did I feel that I was not in control of this build. They stepped forward when necessary and stepped back when I needed time to work through certain sections on my own. Overall I am very pleased with the end result and feedback from clients, friends and family has been very positive. A special thank you to my point of contact - Kim – very much appreciated." - Karen Root, Root Coaching
Orion Case Study

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